Bolsterstone & Whitwell Moor photo-set

I was not planning to go out with the camera today, as I have already arranged to meet a friend tomorrow for a photo-outing. But, sometimes, you see the light, have nothing too pressing, and just have to go. Especially when you know a spot not too far away where you will probably be able to make the best of the soft, hazy light. And my gear is always ready in the bag, batteries charged (if removed from the camera, they will keep a full charge for a long, long time!). So, boots on, some warmer clothes, camera bag and off I go …

Bolsterstone is a lovely little village on the edge of the moors. Not too unique in that respect around here, but it is also very close to Stocksbridge, an industrial town built around the steelworks. Both steelworks and town are now a shadow of their former glory, but this juxtapose creates some wonderful contrasts, with industrial buildings suddenly giving way to farms, fields and moorland. I explored it extensively last autumn and winter, but seem to have neglected it during the warmer months. And sure enough, now the weather is cooling off, back I go again!

So, click on the link and enjoy my afternoons work …

Bolsterstone & Whitwell Moor

Whitwell Moor - big sky country!

Interesting light got me out with my camera today

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