Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield photo-set

I decided at the last minute to visit Ecclesall Woods, a lovely ancient woodland on the outskirts of Sheffield. Too long since I was there, and when I used to live on this side of town as a student, I spent hours walking these woods and the surrounding area. However, it is some years since I’ve been in, and it was lovely to be back there. A lot has changed, with the old sawmill becoming the new Woodland Discovery Centre, with some lovely timber buildings, and providing space for some very talented people to work with the local wood. Plus some interesting courses available. And, inevitably at this time of year, xmas trees! From a personal standpoint, the wood is now a little more ‘tame’, with the better quality paths allowing easier access for  more people. But of course, this is a valuable asset to Sheffield, and encouraging visitors is a good thing to do.

Photographically, I think I had the better light on the way to the site. Typical! Dramatic skies as the sun emerged from behind interesting cloud formations, but I was driving on the motorway at the time: Maybe I would have been better served leaving earlier (however, freezing fog made it look like I wasn’t going to get light worth going out in earlier on) and going for some more industrial or landscape shots. But, having made the effort, and with very little day light at this time of year, I enjoyed the frosty time I spent there. Mostly. Some frustration too: I’m not a big one for ‘chimping’ at the images on the camera screen, but will take a quick glance to make sure nothing has gone too awry. And what I was seeing was not encouraging, with nothing seeming to show how my brain was ‘seeing’ it. But under some conditions, this can happen, and I have a few post-processing tweaks and tricks to make things into what I thought I saw at the time. Some came out fine with little or no adjustment, but I am happy to work on others and make them into something more in keeping with my style. And if people struggle to tell which ones I’ve worked on, that’s fine with me!

Enjoy my brief visit …

Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield

A frosty day in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield

A frosty day in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield

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