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Film SLRs … where are they now? Oh, here they are …

I paid a visit to my local camera-store today, as thanks to the joy of modern social-networking, I had seen a post on Facebook that they were having a table-top sale. I was curious to see exactly what was there, … Continue reading

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Going old-school

My first foray into urban exploration, or urbex, today. This is the exploration of human-built structures, generally abandoned or seldom-seen: I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but the sites become less and less in number as redevelopment … Continue reading

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Why do I take photos?

Well, the simple answer is, ‘for fun’. Right, job done, feet up with a mug of coffee and a bit of cake now. … OK, it probably deserves further exploration, of what it is exactly which makes such an activity … Continue reading

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