www.redlenses.co.uk/ … new commercial photo-site

So, with my passion for photography, some years of perfecting my craft, and an existing client-base, I am now separating my commercial photography work from my other freelancing work, in order to be able to promote it more readily.

Please take a look at my new site, and if you feel able to recommend me to others, pass along the link too. It would be very much appreciated at this end, that’s for sure!

http://www.redlenses.co.uk/ is where I can be found, hope to see you there.

Note that this blog will continue as normal, as I like having my own, separate space to write about matters photographic.

About Chris Senior

Photographer, wit, travel-junkie, MSc student and practising eccentric! Prog rock nut and baker of tasty cakes.
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