Stolen gear … a chance to get it back!

Just a short post, but if you own any camera gear that you value, then you should probably take a quick read. Thanks to this article on Petapixel, one of my favourite photo-feeds, I was rather cheered by the story of a photographer who had a stolen lens returned to him, thanks in no small part to the honesty of the unwitting new purchaser, but also thanks to a website, Lenstag, where you can not only catalogue your gear, but also submit photos of the serial numbers for verification.

Time to take some photos of the serial nos. on my gear for verification

Time to take some photos of the serial nos. on my gear for verification

This seems an eminently useful site, so I’ve been scrabbling around finding all my serial numbers and photographing them, in order to have my gear verified and somewhat more protected: This verification can take a few days, but is critical to making the site work. What is more, if I sell any gear, I can provide a link to the new purchaser, which transfers the ownership. Also, there is an app (we like apps here!) from the Google Play store here (presumably for iOS too!). And once your gear is registered, you get a (customisable) link to show it all off! So, here is mine (or will be, once it is verified)

So, head over to Lenstag now and help to protect your gear!

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