Wharncliffe Works, Sheffield … an urban b&w-fest

My b&w experimentation is in full-swing now: After a lovely day up on Kinder, Derbyshire a couple of weeks back – see here – I had an early-evening walk around a part of Sheffield with some wonderful old Victorian-era industrial buildings still standing.

Wharncliffe Works #7

A friend and fellow photog found this site, and after a rather grey day, the forecast turned out to be completely accurate, with a mellow, oblique sun appearing as we walked towards the site.

Wharncliffe Works #6We made our usual lack-of-progress around the area, pausing whenever there was something to grab the attention, and I am definitely getting my eye back in with b&w work now, not having shot monochrome since my photography O-level back at sixth-form college!

Wharncliffe Works #5

So, abstract patterns, reflections, textures, or some combination thereof were the order of the day, and the light remained just right for this kind of work throughout.

Wharncliffe Works #4I now treat the in-camera b&w images, after small adjustments of levels on Photoshop, as the ‘negatives’, and then very often start to delve into the Google Nik plugins, namely Silver Efex Pro2, often with a good idea in mind as to how I want the finished image to be.

Wharncliffe Works #3Without that, you could spend hours just pressing the buttons and moving the sliders around, but sometimes that can also be fun! I do like high-contrast b&w, so that is how a lot of my images will end up.

Wharncliffe Works #2My treatments are to my own taste; yours may differ, and that’s fine. Just glad I’m not doing this with a darkroom and enlarger, having seen the cost of Ilford paper these days! And one was inspired by a certain, fairly famous, album which you may or may not recognise …

Wharncliffe Works #1See the full gallery here: http://www.pbase.com/pawsforthought/wharncliffe_works



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