Me, myself, I

Hi, I’m a passionate photographer, based in the UK and have a passion for photography, having started taking photos around age five!

My fifteenth birthday saw me getting my first SLR, a manual Yashica TL-Electro; 18 saw me becoming a Canon-owner, with an A1 body and a couple of lenses. Wonderful kit, and I still keep it, although it has not been used regularly in some years, probably 2003 as I got my first DSLR in 2004, a Canon 300D (Digital Rebel in the US).

For me, the advent of digital photography was a big deal, even though I didn’t know exactly how at the time: I bought a Canon compact first, just to see how it would change the way I worked, and found myself doing far more interesting and daring things: Partly, there was no film-cost related to mistakes; also, I could see the result instantly, and decide whether it was worth trying again, varying some setting or technique.

More recently, I have started to get much more serious about it all, and work hard at my craft, whilst trying to keep it fun. Sometimes, that pays off and I get some great images, either close to home or from some of the great places I have been lucky enough to travel to and explore.

I enjoy playing about with many techniques, using pinhole cameras, cellphone, compacts, or DSLR, as I see fit: It is very true that the most important camera is the one you have with you!