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A better image-viewer, Fast Picture Viewer …

As you may have read in this post, I’ve been using the Nexus Image viewer for my photo-work. However, it started kicking out an error-message, having worked just fine previously. As it is a singleĀ .exe file, there is nothing to … Continue reading

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Colour infrared – the early days

… actually, the very earliest of days as I’ve only had the one outing yesterday with the camera so far, despite having it almost a month, due to the paying photo-work and a week away. So, first things first: What … Continue reading

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Wharncliffe Works, Sheffield … an urban b&w-fest

My b&w experimentation is in full-swing now: After a lovely day up on Kinder, Derbyshire a couple of weeks back – see here – I had an early-evening walk around a part of Sheffield with some wonderful old Victorian-era industrial … Continue reading

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Sun trails and biscuit tins!

I’ve been doing solargraphs for a few years now – if you want to read more about them, have a look at my article here. I put a batch of ‘cameras’ out last December, exactly six months ago as I … Continue reading

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Simple Photoshop tutorial (works in Pixlr too!)

I’ve used Photoshop for a long time now (along with other image-editing software and various plugins/effects software), so I though that I would share just two simple tips for using it to great effect on your images. People seem to … Continue reading

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A new, lightweight image-browser

I’ve just installed a new, lightweight image-browser for Windows (not image-editor, just to avoid any confusion). Now, I know that there are a lot of them out there, and I don’t have the time to play around with them all … Continue reading

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New solargraph pinhole-cameras to try; better late than never

So, this year, I decided to try something new for my seasonal solargraphy with pinhole cameras: Some new containers, which require extra work but will give me large-format negs. First job was to snag some bigger b&w photographic printing paper … Continue reading

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Living with Instagram and a some photo-apps I like

So, I’ve been living with Instagram for three months now, and decided to share a few random thoughts about it. I use Samsung phones, and they seem to have rather good cameras: I was very happy with my Galaxy S2, … Continue reading

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new Red Lenses Instagram feed

Now giving Instagram a go – hopefully without the excesses of filtering which seem to spoil (for me) a lot of these. There are some great feeds in amongst the dross, and I’m going to be looking out for more. … Continue reading

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More solargraphs, a mere 13-day exposure!

As I collected my last set of solargraph ‘cameras’ – see here – I decided to put out some more, but this time, for a much shorter period of time. The idea was to show more detail in the surrounding … Continue reading

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