This is a chance for me to think about a few photo-related issues which occur to me from time to time. New posts will be as-and-when, not done on a regular basis just for the sake of it. And I will try to keep it relevant to the world of photography, with maybe a small side-step into a related subject from time to time. But I won’t be posting my favourite recipe for quesadillas or ranting about the government here: I’m sure there are plenty of other places you can get both those things, and you’re here for photography, right?

The views are, of course, mine alone. I will try to formulate a cogent and logical argument when approaching a subject, but I welcome comments and views from any standpoint you may have. But please also try to present an ordered case, if you want me to take you seriously: A half-thought-through argument is a little like a red rag to a bull, I’m afraid; just a quirk of mine. But civilised discussion is always interesting, whether you agree or disagree with me.

All of the work here, both words and images, is my own (and if not, will be sourced appropriately). Whilst I’m happy to have people linking to this blog, if I find that anyone is plagiarising my work (that’s ripping it off without due credit, in case you needed clarification), then I will do my best to get it removed from the web and make sure that as much of the world as I can reach knows you are too stupid to come up with a creative thought of your own. Just so we all know where we stand.

Right, onwards. Enjoy. And comment, please, if you have a mind to (take that whichever way you like!) …