Gear wish-list

I may have become a bit of a gear-head, but this is not an obsession-driven case of gear-acquisition syndrome. No, it’s more about trying new techniques, and I can say that – right now – there is nothing I am really after. Wow, I’ll just read that bit again to myself … no, nothing comes to mind at all: I do not hanker after upgrading my lenses to the Canon pro range, or going for a top-flight Canon body, as apart from being full-frame, it would probably do no more than I require of the 7D, apart from possibly having even better low-light performance with increased ISO range and low-light noise reduction. But, the existing kit works well for me and suits my needs exactly.

I suppose a wish-list would more likely be more money to travel, in order to discover new places to photograph, meet new people, experience more of the world. But even the restriction of money has made me reassess what I can shoot locally, and probably made me more appreciative of both what is nearby, and how I can work to show it in a style which I consider the most appropriate.

… so, that was easy, no long lists of gear I drool over or hankering to own something different: I would much rather have good kit which I am familiar with and can get the best out of under a wide variety of conditions. So many gear-heads make me wonder if they ever achieve this state, or indeed, get past the ownership to look for the great shots which they could be making. Money is no substitute for talent; in fact, it could well distract from it. Possibly. Not that I’m likely to have the chance to find out!